Interesting Facts About Sleeping Cats

cat sleeping

Just like their lion cousins, a cat spends 60% sleeping a day equivalent to 16. Instinctively, they are conserving energy so they can concentrate on hunting. They tend to sleep during the day and keep awake during the night. However, you can influence your cat’s sleeping times.

Unlike dogs, cats can spend a lot of hours sleeping very lightly. If you try to wake a sleeping cat, he can turn instantly from being deep asleep to fully awake in a matter of seconds. You can often see the cat sit with its eyes half closed or even wide open.

Cat During Sleep

Sleep consists of 2 basic phases:

  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep – when dreams occur
  • Non-REM (NREM) or deep sleep – if a cat is deprived of either sort of sleep, it becomes confused and irritable.

In the course of NREM sleep, your cat’s body restores itself. They build their muscles and bones as well as the immune system build up and regenerate. So, they need more NREM sleep than adults and as they grow older, NREM sleep lessens.

During REM sleep, your cat’s eyes move behind the eyelids, limbs shudder, and whiskers move around. Up to 60 % of your cat’s sleep is REM sleep, thrice than we have when we are asleep.

Cat Sleeps Everywhere

cat sleeping in cat bedCats look for a sleeping place that feels safe and has the right temperature. During warm summer days, they will look for cool sleeping corners. In the winter, most cats will look for a spot of warm sunshine or a near heater. The temperature also effects the cat’s sleeping position. When cold, they tend to curl up to lessen body heat loss.

If there’s really nothing exciting happening in your house, then who can blame your cat for sleeping a lot? If you want to see them on her feet more often, work to develop the environment through the use of cat toys and accessories like giving them cat beds near your bed, so they can sleep privately on their own bed.

You can choose from the variety of luxurious cat beds at However, if you are so motivated, you can let your cat sleep in his favorite place – your bed. In a recent poll, 60%of cat owners admitted that they share their beds with a cat. Supporters of this method say it fortifies the bond – not to mention the warmth and comfort your cat provides you.

Try to increase the exercise and playtime; it can definitely help your cat’s muscles and heart and also lessens your cats weight gain as opposed to more inactive lifestyle. You might also want to install a window perch. Cats absolutely love staring out at the goings-on outside.

If you provide some interesting activities like exercise or playtime with them, they are more likely to keep awake throughout the day and then spend the night sleeping. If you wish to reduce your cat’s nightly activities, you might try to spend some time with her, playing some interactive games to drain your cat’s energy before bedtime.


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