Interesting Facts About Sleeping Cats

cat sleeping

Just like their lion cousins, a cat spends 60% sleeping a day equivalent to 16. Instinctively, they are conserving energy so they can concentrate on hunting. They tend to sleep during the day and keep awake during the night. However, you can influence your cat’s sleeping times.

Unlike dogs, cats can spend a lot of hours sleeping very lightly. If you try to wake a sleeping cat, he can turn instantly from being deep asleep to fully awake in a matter of seconds. You can often see the cat sit with its eyes half closed or even wide open. Continue reading


What Can You Do To Stop Your Dog Escaping?

dog escaping in dog fence

Dogs escape for much the same reason that they start jumping and climbing dog fences. They can be:


  • Bored
  • Seeking attention
  • Fearful
  • Socially Isolated
  • Lack of exercise
  • Separation anxiety


Dogs are pack animals and want to be with their owners whom they view as their ‘pack’. They will escape if they know you will come running to get them. Dogs escape when they are bored, or because you have left the property. Continue reading