WiFi Dog Fence: Great Alternative For Traditional Fence

dog running

Keeping your pet safe in your home is one of the most problems many pet owners is facing. Anything can happen to your dog that runs off into the street. It can be attacked by other animal in the area or it can get run over by a passing vehicle. Sad to say, that some neighborhoods do not allow construction of physical fence because they want to preserve the beauty of the community. For this reason, dog owners have been looking into putting up Perimeter Wi-Fi dog fence.


But the question is, do wire-free dog fences really work?

According to pet specialists, this kind of dog fence is a type of static simulation training. You build the boundaries for the safe zone for your dog by changing the base station unit that you will install inside your home. Once you have the base station set up, put the receiver collar around your dog’s neck, making sure that the prongs touch the skin lightly. Whenever your dog goes close to the boundary, the base station unit detects it and sends off a signal which will cause the collar to produce warning beep. If still, your dog persists in getting closer to the zone, he then receives a mild shock.


Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence Available at PetStreetMall.com

Installing Wi-Fi fence does not require burying wires. It is designed with your dog’s safety, just plug the transmitter into an indoor electrical outlet and close to the area where you wish to contain your pet. Training flags mark the safe zone, transmitter that is adjustable with the turn of the dial, emits a continuous radio signal in the safe area. Your pet receives a warning beep from the lightweight, waterproof collar as he approaches the boundary. If he strays beyond, he receives a mild correction.


It really works effectively; all you have to do is to train your dog so that it will take the warning beeps and the shocks as a clear sign that it should not cross the safe perimeter. Training should be direct and comprehensive so that your dog will not link the shocks to incidental situations, such as a person passing by or there is another dog or animal outside the boundary.

Some pets may think that the person or the animal may be the cause of the shocks and will act with aggression. You also need to modify the corrective shocks. Some dogs may have a high pain tolerance, so that the shock may be too mild to make an effect. Others have a low tolerance to pain, and they may not even want to leave the house at all because they were disturbed by the shock.

While Perimeter Wi-Fi dog fence do the work for you, you need to pull your system in order to get the best protection and responses from your pet. Learn more about the stylish functions of the wire-free dog fence today visit PetstreetMall.com.


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