Tips To Make Your Pets Happy and Active


Dogs and cats are some of the most active and outgoing pets, and while those are some of their natural characters, as a responsible pet owner, it is important that we find ways to keep them entertained. When pets aren’t able to play, they often find ways to keep themselves interested which may contain undesirable behavior such as chewing on furniture and shoes, running around the house and bashing on things, and attacking the garbage.

Dogs and cats must have full of activity, and when they get bored when you can’t play with them or when they are away. Sluggish pets can become very agitated and this in turn may lead them to become disobedient pets. It doesn’t take much to make pets happy, make sure you’re meeting your pet’s needs with these tips to happy pets.

Just like us, pets too have basic needs; from food, water and a safe shelter. The safer and more confident a pet feels, the happier it will be. While it may sound pretty ordinary, most pet owners sometimes get the wrong idea of these basic needs.

  • Have feeding schedule and stick with it – the relief of knowing when to expect food will keep your pet happy and protected.
  • Consider crating your dog’s when you’re away – and if you’re a pet owner who feels like crating a dog is similar to cruelty, think again. Dog crates will actually make it feel secure and will help prevent separation anxiety and boredom-induced destruction, something both of you will be happy about!
  • Regular brushing doesn’t just make your pet look good-looking; it also helps prevent skin disease and can fortify the bond between you.
  • Always provide clean water for your pets and check the water at least twice a day to make sure it’s fresh and filled.
  • Observe the weather – it doesn’t matter if your pet is an indoor or outdoor animal, you need to make sure their living quarters you provide is enough for the weather. If its winter, consider cat beds and dog beds. Although you have indoor animals, a house without air conditioning in the middle of summer could be a way for catastrophe.
  • Take time to walk your dog – most healthy pets need at least 15 minutes to get happy, no less! This could also consist of jogging, running or swimming; regular exercises help burn the dog’s extra energy and keep them behaved for the rest of the day.
  • Keep him safe. Millions of dogs get lost each year; make sure your dog isn’t one of them. Buy Wi-Fi dog fence.
  • Even if your dog seems healthy, remember that regular checkups are very important to his health.


Pets that spend their days isolated and disregarded are likely to be unhappy. Look for ways to engage your pet’s intelligence. Mental stimulation isn’t a hard thing to deliver, but you do have to make an effort to provide it. Consider the following options:

  • Provide chew toys for a treat is very effective
  • Training your dog or cat new tricks
  • Playing with them through a maze

Punishing your pets when they chew on your stuffs isn’t the right way, rather giving them enough enjoyment and exercise and training is one sure way to keep them happy and active.


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