How To Introduce Spray Bark Collar To Your Dogs?

intoducing spray bark collar to dog

Not all dogs are the same. They differ in personalities, temperaments, motivation and drive levels and this all influences on why they bark, how often they bark and how long they bark for. So, due to this, it is far to expect that a bark collar is going to have a real impact on a barking dog.

With the right collar that is addressing your dog’s drive to bark, you should see a result to dog barking. Usually the next step from here is that your dog will relate the collar’s stimulus to the correction received when start barking. If your dog knows that when the collar is on to stop barking, this is a good behavioral arrangement to see. It proves bark collars are achieving results, and gives your dog some down time from the collar.


spray bark collarTo get the best results, it is best to introduce spray bark collar with some precaution and planning. Fit the bark collar prior to going to bed and let your dog wear it overnight. Do this regularly every night for no less than a month. In doing this, you will make a change in the pattern of behavior in your dog. After this consistent method, you may try leaving the collar off, or turning it off or fitting it loosely to see how your dog responds. If there is no barking from your dog, then you have successfully used it to change your dog’s behavior to the sounds of nocturnal animals.


However, if your dog returns to barking, simply reintroduce the bark collar for 3 months before attempting to leave it off again. Some dogs may need this approach over a longer period of time, and some dogs may have such a head strong drive to bark, that the bark collar may need to be worn on a more permanent basis. This is all relevant to how driven your dog is to bark.


Follow this approach when introducing a bark collar:


  • Identify the cause of extreme barking.
  • Look for the right type of bark collar to suit your dog.
  • Once you have the bark collar, make sure that you fit it correctly to your dog’s neck size.
  • Consistently use spray bark collar to address those periods of time where there is excessive barking. Remember, 12 hours per day is the maximum time frame that a dog can wear a bark collar. You need to use the bark collar for a minimum of a month before checking if you have changed your dog’s pattern of behavior. If your dog is barking still, set a longer time frame and repeat the process.


Choosing the right bark collar and planning the right approach is a important component when you want to stop dog barking. Check out For more choices and important information on bark collars and other pet products to train your pet and control his behavior. Do not let your dog interrupt you peaceful nights as well as your neighbor’s. introducing it correctly will yield into a desirable results.


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